Government Organization

Cyprus Government Organization and Political System The constitution in Cyprus separates state power into legislative, executive and judicial branches.  These three state powers are independent and autonomous to each other.

The Priority Of Each Ministry

What’s the priority of each ministry? The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Cyprus is in charge for relations with other states and for the realization of its foreign policy. The Ministry of Defense is in charge for the safety and for the territorial integrity of Cyprus.

Educational System

Cyprus Government Educational System The Cypriot education priority is to prepare people with faith in the values of freedom, democracy and justice. Public education in Cyprus is provided at three levels: • The necessary educational level • The upper secondary, middle level technical and professional level • The tertiary level Except from public schools there are private schools also which usually follow foreign educational systems mainly English or French.

Powers and Duties

Powers and Duties of the President of Cyprus Government President of the Republic is the title borne by the Head of State and Government of the Republic. The president is elected directly by the people for five years.

Government Agencies

Government Agencies and Security of Cyprus Citizen Security means that citizens are free from any kind of risk and covers a wide range of issues. The safety of citizens and the state generally guaranteed by the following government agencies: • Ministry of Defense • National Guard • Civil defense • Police • Prisons • Fire Service The Ministry of Defense is responsible for implementing government policy in terms of security and territorial integrity of Cyprus and is promoting measures to strengthen the defense of Cyprus and protect it from external dangers.