Government Agencies and Security of Cyprus Citizen

Security means that citizens are free from any kind of risk and covers a wide range of issues.

The safety of citizens and the state generally guaranteed by the following government agencies:

• Ministry of Defense

• National Guard

• Civil defense

• Police

• Prisons

• Fire Service

The Ministry of Defense is responsible for implementing government policy in terms of security and territorial integrity of Cyprus and is promoting measures to strengthen the defense of Cyprus and protect it from external dangers.

The National Guard is doing a very important job. It last eighteen months and is mandatory.
Using modern technological methods and trained soldiers, protects Cyprus from military attacks and wars and also is doing social work addressing fires and natural disasters.

Main tasks of civil defense force is to perform various humanitarian projects, designed to protect the population against the dangers and help people to know how to protect their selves in difficult or dangerous situations. Civil defense is a series of measures aimed at addressing natural disaster, war, fire or other emergency. Today is an organized force in all the free areas of Cyprus.

Important is the work of the police also. The police must be ready and constant vigilance and take the necessary measures for the safe movement of all citizens. Is also responsible for staffing the checkpoints 24 hours a day to prevent or deal daily crimes.

The Prisons Department must ensure the safe custody of persons referred to it by the courts and to take care to respect the human rights of prisoners without making any discrimination.
Maintaining discipline and order within the prison site are also prison’s job.

The role of the Fire Service is social and humanitarian. Their help is huge in extinguish fires, rescuing people trapped by floods or to natural disasters.