Powers and Duties of the President of Cyprus Government

President of the Republic is the title borne by the Head of State and Government of the Republic. The president is elected directly by the people for five years. There is no limit terms of office so the President can be reelected unlimited times.

Under the 1960 Constitution, the President of Cyprus Republic has considerable powers. He is the one who regulates the constitution of the island. His duties and responsibilities are many.

In particular, the president of the republic represents the State internationally, declaring war, peace or alliance and he participate in international organizations.

Among other things, appoints and relieves the ministers, and also appoint independent public officials and judges of the Supreme Court.  He also calls parliament in regular meeting, when he believes it’s necessary and he is handling election issue when needed.

He issue referendum on critical national issues on a proposal from the cabinet and parliament. These decisions are taken by all the members of parliament and he also takes decisions for serious social issues with the sign of the parliament president. Any proposal has to be said from one hundred and twenty members and to be signed needs the authority of one hundred and eighty members.

President gives the laws passed by parliament after a month of their vote. He also publishes the laws passed by parliament. Everything that is published by the president it’s written in Cyprus Gazette. He has the right to disagree with any law one month from the day the law is voted, giving the reasons of his disagreement.

He gives award medals to those who serve their country again according to the law.

He also can reduse or to ease sanctions imposed by the courts, ever since the proposal of the Minister of Justice.